I'm doing the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge! : How to fight Lex Luther using only fabric
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I'm doing the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge!

by Joanne Hillestad on 12/01/18

Today is the first day of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge!

I decided to dive into this challenge... however I may regret this about day 3.  :)
Today I am cheating and just blogging about the fact that I am going to be blogging.

I find social media challenging on a good day.  Putting myself out for the world to see is something I generally avoid.  Yes, I am a HUGE introvert.  People who have met me find this difficult to believe.  However, it is true.  Being super social is exhausting.  After the first day of Quilt Market a month ago I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open past 9pm! 
On a normal day I can't fall asleep before 11pm.  

So, I have no idea what I'll talk about.  Maybe my chickens.  Christmas cookies?  The Laundry?
You will have to follow along to find out!

Until tomorrow when I post something worth reading...


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