Day 2... I've got nothing important to say... but the pop up pictures are fun! : How to fight Lex Luther using only fabric
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Day 2... I've got nothing important to say... but the pop up pictures are fun!

by Joanne Hillestad on 12/02/18

It is Sunday evening and I have all sorts of ideas for great blog posts... however, most of them require preparation and pictures.  I am sadly lacking in preparation and pictures.  So, I'll have to find something else to talk about.

How about the weather?  That is usually safe.
I spent the weekend inside.  I didn't even get myself out to buy the groceries we need.  Instead, I stayed warm and cozy in my sewing room.  I live in chilly Minnesota.  This weekend was particularly chilly.  The snow was falling.  The wind was blowing.  It was not the nicest driving on the roads. 
I worked on a Christmas gift for an unnamed person.  I'd show you all my progress... but that would reveal the gift.  So, again... lacking in pictures.  It is a very fun project using my friend Toni's book titled "Designing Block Quilts".  On Tuesday I'll be participating in a Blog Hop for the book.  I have a fun pop up my sister made to share. I will discuss my mystery project, but I don't think I will have it completely sewn in time for a big reveal.  Instead, I will show you how I designed the project.  I like technology... and used it where I could! 
So, you should check back on Tuesday to learn all about it! 

This is getting wordy, so I think it is time for a picture to brighten your day.
This fun winter themed pop up is called Snow Follies.  It is part of my Dress Up Your Pop Up collection.  The cute snow people are appliqued onto the side of the pop up before constructing it.  The pop up also has a flap with a drawstring so you can use it for a gift.  IF you don't want the applique, you can make it plain instead!  The pattern is FQGDU208 Snow Follies and contains the instructions, a spring and a label to make one.  Sew Fun!

In addition to Snow Follies... there is also Winter Serenade (To the Left) and Winter's Catch (Below).  Snow Follies and FQGDU207 Winter Serenade are both made using the Small 5.5" diameter spring.  FQGDU206 Winter's Catch uses the Medium 8" spring.
And this concludes day 2 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge.  So far it is not flowing out of me easily... but tomorrow is another day and I will be in the studio which will greatly help me be more prepared and have access to more images!  Yeah!

Until tomorrow!!

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