Snowy Days in MN... makes a girl want to travel! : How to fight Lex Luther using only fabric
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Snowy Days in MN... makes a girl want to travel!

by Joanne Hillestad on 12/20/17

Snowy Days in Minnesota...
other random thoughts and something new to report

It is a pretty, snowy day here in Minnesota. I love the snow. It is so pretty watching the big fluffy flakes fall. All the brown leaves get covered up. It is also peacefully silent during a snow. If you have never experienced the quiet during a snowfall you are missing out on one of life's simple joys. Having lived in Minnesota my entire life, I think I'm required to love snow. However, I do not love the cold. As a result... I have been thinking about vacations and travel and warm sunshine on my face. 

I recently joined a Facebook group of RV Quilters. One day I hope to travel for a month or more during the coldest stretch of winter. Until then, I enjoy reading about the quilters setting up their campers, trailers, 5th wheels, and motorhomes. The creative ways people use the limited space is truly amazing! The fantastic things these creative people make is so fun to see! Next Summer when Shirley, my 1974 Airstream Argosy, is ready to hit the road I am going to have a pop up explosion. I mean, seriously, there is no hope for me in this regard.
Shirley is getting so cute! We have passed the 5th year of her glamorization... I don't take the time to work on her. I have recently started making the dinette cushions. Finally diving into to the fabric I have collected for her is sew fun!
I always pack projects for any length of road trip. I get bored easily if I'm not driving, so hand stitching is always a must on a trip! Are any of you the same way? I pack up several Bag It Ups with different projects. I might have paper piecing in one bag, embroidery or crochet in another, and on and on. I use a Mini Pop-Up to catch my threads and a Spool Wallet to corral my spools, scissors and needles. It is a travelling trio of items that have quickly become a standard set for every trip! 
The Travelling Trio... 
FQG131 Mini Pop-Up
FQG132 Bag It Up (Small Shown)
FQG134 Spool Wallet

Did you know...
The spools spin on the loops of the Spool Wallet making it easy to manage unruly spools of thread! 

The Spool Wallet fits nicely in your purse... so does the Mini Pop Up!
Here is the 'news' I eluded to at the top of this newsletter:

NEW! - Bosal In-R-Form Spool Wallet Precut Foam
Style: 495-SW

I'm excited to announce my partnership with Bosal Foam, Fiber, Interfacing and Crafts! 

Package contains 2 precut pieces of foam... enough to make 2 Spool Wallets! This makes construction easy and accurate!

Available at your local quilt shop very soon!
Something Fun for 2018... but you need to hurry and sign up!

During 2018, I've teamed up with 11 other designers and the IAQ quilt group (International Association of Quilters).  Every month one designer is sharing an exclusive pattern with members...and while I'm not showing you the pattern I've designed, you know that all the patterns, including mine will be wonderful!!  
Along with the pattern, we are also hosting quilt blocks for the Scavenger Hunt Quilt Along. Every month a new block from the designers is shared, building a sampler quilt. You'll be able to hop around and explore new sites and get to know each of us!

Registration closes on 12/28/2017 until April 2018... so hop on over and check it out!

Click on the picture below to redirect to the IAQ website:


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