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Been Eating Mediterranean...

by Joanne Hillestad on 12/13/18

So, I missed yesterday's blog post.  I have been really quite busy lately with proposals for fabric companies, making a super secret quilt which ships tomorrow, trying to find Christmas gifts for family, and other general end of year business things.  Not good excuses... but yesterday I plain old forgot.

Picture of me from 10 years ago because I had nothing else to post.  bahahaha

On top of all that, I have decided to start eating like the people in the Mediterranean.  Lots of olive oil, lean chicken and fish, veggies... then some more veggies.  As I creep up to the big 5-0 I have started trying to be better to myself.  Maybe 2019 will have to be the Year of the Me.  Sometimes a person just needs to step back and change some bad habits.

So far this year I cut Diet Coke.  That was huge... and difficult.  But I feel so much better for it!  Then I took it another step and cut out aspartame and saccharin.  I watched a show on PBS about the impact those 2 artificial sweeteners have on blood sugar and gut health.  Freaked me out a little.  Again... can't believe the difference.  

Now, I'm not perfect... i still allow Stevia.  But that is not supposed to be quite as bad as the others... so far.  I was running out of things to drink.  Dairy has been off the list for years.  Allergic to High Fructose Corn Syrup (that knocks out a lot of food and beverages).  Water.  I drink a lot more water.  

Hopefully, I will start exercising regularly and lose some of this extra 'me'.  I visit my Oncologist for my annual check up in June... I almost look forward to the comprehensive lab results!  Nothing has been in the bad range... but some of the basics have been creeping in that direction.

Ok, I'm done.  Just a peek into my life... which is just like everyone else.  Except maybe the cancer part... been 11 years.  Yeah me!

Here's to healthier eating! I won't say completely healthy eating... because a girl needs a piece of chocolate every so often...

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