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January, 2015
12th – The Fat Quarter Gypsy
13th – Wendt Quilting
14th – Kenzie Mac & Co
15th – Swirly Girls
16th – On Point Quilter
17th - Artistically Engineered Designs

19th – Seams Like A Dream
20th – Patchworks Studio
21st – Poorhouse Quilt Designs
22nd – Fabric Confetti by Vanessa
23rd – Morning Glory Designs

Links above will take you to 
each designer's blog.  Visit all the blogs everyday! You never know when something fun gets posted unless you look!
Have you ever wondered what your favorite designer's studio looks like? Would you like to be a fly on the wall?

If so, join us as 11 designers take you on a Studio Spotlight tour!  Each day a different designer will give you a tour of their work area. 

Some will be clean and neat... others not so much??
Is the fabric stacked and organized by color... or in mounds on the floor?

You will also get to see their latest projects and possibly what they are currently working on.  This blog hop is sure to be a lot of fun and maybe a little crazy. 

Each designer will be giving away something fabulous!  So hop on over to each blog so you can join in the fun!
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Can you believe this is the last day of this fun Blog Hop?  We hope you enjoy our final peek into the studio of a designer.  So, without further ado... let's meet Reeze...

I have been a home sewer since age 10, making all my own clothes and craft projects throughout my early professional career. As a professor of theatrical design I taught costume, scene and light design and designed professionally in the educational and off-Broadway theatre for 15 years. When limiting my teaching career to speech (and giving up the theatre) 20 years ago I moved to custom bridal and formal dressmaking, specializing in formal wear for special sizes or fit problems. When I completed my Ph.D. I learned to quilt, a life-long dream and one, only then, I had time to pursue. I was thrilled at both the simplicity and the complexity of the art and immediately found it to be as potent a creative outlet as my theatrical design had once been.

My specialty is design that captures the themes and colors of nature, the exuberance and joy of color in small to medium sized quilt designs which look complex and daring, but can be accomplished quickly and easily with shortcuts and clever techniques. I consider myself the “Busy Woman’s Designer.” I write patterns that a beginner can do but are so much more than just squares and triangles. I also teach EQ as a way for people without drawing or math skills to craft spectacular designs that customize their ideas and materialize their creative impulses.

I have published more than 20 patterns, and have quilt patterns appearing in more than 10 magazine issues, with more on the way. My designs have been published in two books, and I have supplied an annual free Block of the Month on my blog and Website. I publish free EQ downloads and tutorials on my blog and retail EQ products on my website. I am working on a book proposal of original designs which I hope to have ready this spring.

Are you ready to Hop on over to Reeze's Blog??? Just click the logo above!!
Hop to each blog each day... you never know who might post something fun!!